With 15 years of experience organizing congresses worldwide, I observed a common challenge: the low engagement levels of attendees and the lack of quality food options or food choices made. Determined to make a difference, I founded Meeting in Balance, offering innovative solutions for a renewed congress experience.

Drawing from my experience in well-being, I’ve completed advanced education, including a Lifestyle Medicine course and Orthomolecular Nutrition course. Next to these, I’ve completed various workshops focused on sleep, vitality and personal development, enriching my expertise in well-being.

In addition to that, I’ve had the privilege to share my knowledge and insights with others by instructing time management and productivity courses.

Helping people to make the most out of an experience has been a passion of mine, and I’m excited to extend this to the Healthy Congress Movement.

Would be great if you join me so together we can create an impactful and energizing congress experience.

Eveline Koeman, CMP

Energize your congress experience

I believe that an exceptional congress experience goes beyond the ordinary. By prioritizing attendee well-being,  an environment is created where delegates can thrive mentally, physically and emotionally. 

My mission is to bring congresses to new heights, transforming them into impactful and empowering journeys. Delegates deserve more than just a typical congress experience. By focusing on their well-being and providing practical tools, an atmosphere is created where engagement, learning, and personal growth flourish.

 Join us on this journey. Let Meeting in Balance renew your congress experience, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. Together, we can create a congress  ensuring that each participant walks away feeling inspired, fulfilled and equipped with valuable knowledge and tools for success.

Our Philosophy

Make the most out of your congress visit. Have the energy and the right tools to interact more, make new connections, absorb knowledge and actually do something with it.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to renew congresses by prioritizing well-being, network expansion and energizing strategies. This way delegates gain more knowledge and use the information learned with lots of key-take aways. 

Vitalize your congress as well?