Meeting in Balance

Empowering conferences & business events with well-being programs, wellness entertainment and a unique Conference Essentials mini course for delegates.

No more sleepy delegates?

A new way of organizing your Business Event

Prioritize well-being and connection with others

The ultimate conference preparation for delegates: Conference Essentials: Maximize your energy and network like a pro.

A mini course with bitesize on-the-go learning full of tips and tricks for more focus, engagement and networking.  3 complimentary add-ons.  Click here for more information.

A well-being lounge? Conference Energizers? Napping Pods and Sensory room for business events or conferences? 

Event wellness as part of your overall program, with inspiring speakers or a 5k run. 

Optimize well-being, productivity and attendee satisfaction with a well-being program for your business event. 

Discover impactful sponsoring opportunities for your conference. A sponsor of the audio course, their brand featured on balance cards, SpaCapsule, napping pods, and more.

Innovate your sponsor opportunities, add some event wellness. Download our Well-being Sponsoring Opportunities Brochure now for some ideas. 

Sounds familiar?

Make a meaningful difference with your
conference or business event now

Energizers for events

Empower your attendees and create an unforgettable conference

Welcome to a renewed meeting experience! We are excited to offer a range of healthy business event services. From the “Conference Essentials” mini course for delegates to well-being programshealthy concepts & consultancy.  We are here to support you in creating a business event that exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impact on attendees.

Mini Course Conference Essentials: Maximize your energy and network like a Pro.

The ultimate conference preparation for delegates: Conference Essentials: Maximize your energy and network like a pro at your next business event. 

A mini course with bitesize on-the-go learning full of tips and tricks for more focus, engagement and networking.  3 complimentary add-ons. 

Fee structures:

  • No costs to the organizer, just € 29,95 when added as registration option for the delegate. Delegate pay themselves. Can be part of event registration system or via our own payment module.
  • Buy out offer to all attendees, regardless of number of users: € 2500 (excl. VAT)
  • Sponsoring option as part of your industry prospectus: Pay only when selected by a sponsor (€2500, excl. VAT).

All three options include the 3 complimentary add-ons: 

Free add-ons with the mini course

When the mini course is being offered to your delegates, the organizer receives extra benefits:

Healthy newsletter content

☑️ Include our practical tips to get more results from attending the event, encouraging recurring attendance
☑️ Perfect for your newsletters or pack-and-go email
☑️ Strengthen attendee satisfaction by showing your commitment to their health

Stimulate healthy choices: balance cards

☑️ Receive our quick reference infographic template for balanced f&b choices
☑️ To be placed by the catering company on bars and buffets, menu card style
☑️ Avoid sugar crash
☑️ Improve healthy eating habits and energy

Healthy app push messages suggestions

☑️ If there is a conference app, we will send you a list of push message suggestions to be included
☑️ For a quick moment for the delegate to check in to themselves, stimulate to interact or focus on their conference goals

What delegates will learn:

1. Travel & arrival: tips for a smooth journey and relaxed start

2. The shortcuts to planning for productivity

3. Focusing in sessions

4. Lunch break: Staying energized

5. Networking like a Pro

6. Balancing professional events with office work

7. Stress Management techniques

8. Maximizing post-event benefits

Offer more value to your delegates

Well-being Program & Wellness Entertainment

metronaps energypod

The ultimate relaxation experience. Surprise attendees with MetroNaps® EnergyPods® in a dedicated lounge area.

Delegates can’t resist trying out a nap pod. And they love having their photo taken, so make sure you brand them with your logo or place them strategically with a banner of the conference. 


SpaPod for events

In 5 minutes rejuvenated! With this SpaCapsule you will have a unique feature in the venue’s foyer or on your exhibition floor.

This unique massage device combines warm water jets, hydro-massage, and sensory stimulation. Clothes kept on!

Treat your attendees to quick, revitalizing sessions that leave them feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

Looking to add a unique and element to your conference or business event?

Consider an oxygen bar, an original and attractive addition that sparks fun, and creates a nice way to stimulate networking.

Impress your delegates and make your business event a standout success with an oxygen bar. Pictures guaranteed!

Vitality Programs for events
Well-being Lounge

Why not have them all!

Offering a dedicated wellness area or well-being lounge enhances attendee experience, promotes relaxation and creates lots of  networking opportunities.

Create an unforgettable conference that stands out with our well-being solutions.


Sponsor Opportunities

Guaranteed success for sponsors & exhibitors 

Offer something unique and include well-being elements in your sponsoring prospectus. Extend the company’s own mission statement that they care for well-being of their staff and customers. All items can be branded with logo, the SpaCapsule can even include a company message as part of the relaxation tunes. 

Add a well-being lounge, or offer a few spa or napping pods as sponsoring item. They can even be included as part of your exhibition manual to book as booth item.

Attract booth visitors with revolutionary tradeshow features like the MetroNaps EnergyPod or the SpaCapsule. 

Business Opportunities

Let delegates relax or take a nap at your booth, opening doors to new opportunities when they are rejuvenated.

Stand out from the crowd

Your booth will stand out from the crowd and it will attract people’s curiosity.

Include your logo and personal message

Customize it to your brand’s look and feel, while visitors enjoy a relax moment. A unique way to educate and engage.

Don’t miss the chance to make a powerful statement about your brand’s commitment to health and well-being. Secure these innovative sponsorship items now.

Join the Healthy
Conference Movement


  • What is the process for integrating the mini course with the registration portal?
    1. Submission of course content: The mini course content will be delivered to the event organizer by providing a private link.
    2. Course information: We will provide the event organizer with the necessary course details, including the title and a brief description to be added to the registration system portal.
    3. Adding the mini course: The event organizer will then add the mini course as an option within the registration portal. This process is similar to how other event items like workshops or dinners are added.
    4. Purchase and confirmation: When a delegate purchases the mini course during their registration, the registration system will automatically generate a confirmation email. This email will include a pre-submitted text provided by us.
    5. Access to course: Within this confirmation email, there will be a private link provided, giving delegates access to the mini course content.
    6. Listening options: Delegates can choose to listen to the course online or download it for offline listening via standard podcast apps.
  • The congress registration is already open, can we still add it?
    Absolutely! The audio course is designed to be accessible whenever you need it. We've found that many people prefer to start preparing just a few days before the congress begins. So, even if the registration process has already started, you can still add the audio course. It's a great last-minute addition that you can promote through a final email blast or include in your pack-and-go materials. By doing so, you create a sense of excitement and encourage delegates to maximize their congress experience. Additionally, it is also a possibility to just add a link to a newsletter, your website or emailing, where the delegate can buy the audio course via our payment module.
  • Can you explain the financial process after purchasing an mini course through the registration system?
    The financial process relies on trust and clear communication. Every month, we kindly request a report indicating the number of audio course purchases. Following this, we will generate a corresponding invoice for your records. While we do possess data on the number of logins, it's important to note that, in compliance with GDPR regulations, this data is anonymized and cannot be traced back to individual users. Your privacy and data protection are of the utmost importance to us.
  • What if someone cancels their congress registration?
    In the event that a delegate needs to cancel their congress registration for any reason and has already acquired the audio course, please note that they will have immediate access to the course materials. Consequently, there are no refunds available for this item. We believe that the course content remains valuable, and delegates can keep it for their future reference, perhaps for their participation in an upcoming congress.
  • Do you provide a satisfaction guarantee if a delegate is not content with the course material?
    So far it hasn't been the case that someone could not find at least three valuable tips in the audio course. However, if a delegate doesn't find it beneficial or applicable and contacts us within 14 days of purchase, we offer a full refund. We will balance this with our next invoice to the organizer.
  • Our event is complimentary and has no registration fee, how does it work with the mini course in that case?
    If you do use a registration system via which delegates register for the event, it can follow the same procedure as optional item for the delegate to select. In this case we should then need to receive from you the number of registrations for the audio course and we would charge you for this number. For large events we offer a price of € 2500 regardless of the number of attendees. The complimentary benefits with the newsletter content, balance card template and push message list still applies.
  • Do you offer direct payment methods, without using the congress' registration system?
    Yes, it is also a possibility to just add a link to a newsletter, your website or emailing, where the delegate can buy the mini course via our payment module.

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