Frequently asked Questions

  • What is the process for integrating the mini course with the registration portal?
    1. Submission of course content: The mini course content will be delivered to the event organizer by providing a private link.
    2. Course information: We will provide the event organizer with the necessary course details, including the title and a brief description to be added to the registration system portal.
    3. Adding the mini course: The event organizer will then add the mini course as an option within the registration portal. This process is similar to how other event items like workshops or dinners are added.
    4. Purchase and confirmation: When a delegate purchases the mini course during their registration, the registration system will automatically generate a confirmation email. This email will include a pre-submitted text provided by us.
    5. Access to course: Within this confirmation email, there will be a private link provided, giving delegates access to the mini course content.
    6. Listening options: Delegates can choose to listen to the course online or download it for offline listening via standard podcast apps.
  • The congress registration is already open, can we still add it?
    Absolutely! The audio course is designed to be accessible whenever you need it. We’ve found that many people prefer to start preparing just a few days before the congress begins. So, even if the registration process has already started, you can still add the audio course. It’s a great last-minute addition that you can promote through a final email blast or include in your pack-and-go materials. By doing so, you create a sense of excitement and encourage delegates to maximize their congress experience. Additionally, it is also a possibility to just add a link to a newsletter, your website or emailing, where the delegate can buy the audio course via our payment module.
  • Can you explain the financial process after purchasing an mini course through the registration system?
    The financial process relies on trust and clear communication. Every month, we kindly request a report indicating the number of audio course purchases. Following this, we will generate a corresponding invoice for your records. While we do possess data on the number of logins, it’s important to note that, in compliance with GDPR regulations, this data is anonymized and cannot be traced back to individual users. Your privacy and data protection are of the utmost importance to us.
  • What if someone cancels their congress registration?
    In the event that a delegate needs to cancel their congress registration for any reason and has already acquired the audio course, please note that they will have immediate access to the course materials. Consequently, there are no refunds available for this item. We believe that the course content remains valuable, and delegates can keep it for their future reference, perhaps for their participation in an upcoming congress.
  • Do you provide a satisfaction guarantee if a delegate is not content with the course material?
    So far it hasn’t been the case that someone could not find at least three valuable tips in the audio course. However, if a delegate doesn’t find it beneficial or applicable and contacts us within 14 days of purchase, we offer a full refund. We will balance this with our next invoice to the organizer.
  • Our event is complimentary and has no registration fee, how does it work with the mini course in that case?
    If you do use a registration system via which delegates register for the event, it can follow the same procedure as optional item for the delegate to select. In this case we should then need to receive from you the number of registrations for the audio course and we would charge you for this number. For large events we offer a price of € 2500 regardless of the number of attendees. The complimentary benefits with the newsletter content, balance card template and push message list still applies.
  • Do you offer direct payment methods, without using the congress’ registration system?
    Yes, it is also a possibility to just add a link to a newsletter, your website or emailing, where the delegate can buy the mini course via our payment module.
  • Do you work worldwide?
    Yes, all program elements can be shipped or implemented at any destination in the world.