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metronaps energypod

The ultimate relaxation experience. Surprise attendees with MetroNaps® EnergyPods® in a dedicated lounge area.

Delegates can’t resist trying out a nap pod. And they love having their photo taken, so make sure you brand them with your logo or place them strategically with a banner of the conference.

The ultimate recharge on busy conference days.

Just want to know...

What does this cost?

As we know you’re very busy and don’t want to hop on more calls or extra inbox fills, we’d like to help you to have a good estimate to see if it is fits your budget after all. 

We’ve included some European meeting destinations to get a reference of the costs.

MetroNaps EnergyPod

The ultimate event recharge

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EnergyPod FAQ


In order to maximize privacy, we recommend that the user of the EnergyPod® faces away from others (e.g. towards a wall or corner).

With multiple units, we recommend a distance of at least 1 meter or 3 feet  between each unit.

The actual pod is 147 cm (58 in) by 122 cm (48 in).


There is a privacy visor on the pod, which will make sure that the delegate can take a relaxed nap without anyone seeing. 

how about power needs?

The pod requires 1 grounded power plug of 110-230V

A maximum draw of 120 watts.

If a raised floor is available, access to electrical outlets can be placed in the opening of the EnergyPod’s base. Alternatively, the electrical outlets can be placed on the wall by the EnergyPod. Make sure to arrange and fix the power cable properly to avoid tripping.

can the Energypod come in other colours?

Standard colours of the EnergyPod are Diamond white for the exterior and Moon Grey for the interior. Customized colors are available at additional cost.

Can it be branded?

Customize it to your brand’s look and feel, deliver your message through the integrated audio player while visitors enjoy a relax moment. A unique way to educate and engage.

Don’t miss the chance to make a powerful statement about your brand’s commitment to health and vitality. 

Can it be sent globally?

All solutions offered can be shipped to destinations around the world in professional flight cases.

Some are stored in different countries around the globe to minimize shipping costs.

Do we need staffing or hostesses?

The EnergyPods are quite simple to use and a hostess can be easily trained in its use on the day of installation.

If you are willing to install multiple EnergyPods, it could be useful to have some MetroNaps support. 

Can we personalize the music?

The equipment comes with several existing music files. You can make your own track which we can integrate but there is some work involved in this, also the file needs to be formatted in a particular way etc. One fee regardless of the number of pods hired: EUR 585 + VAT. 

How long does it take?

The EnergyPod is programmed for 20 minutes per session. A nice time to have a short nap. However, this can also be programmed with a different time.

Wondering if this fits your audience?