Mini Course Conference Essentials: Maximize your energy and network like a pro.

Thanks for your interest in the ultimate conference preparation for delegates: Conference Essentials: Maximize your energy and network like a pro at your next business event.  Your event organizer cares for your well-being and making the most out of your conference experience. 

A mini course with bitesize on-the-go learning full of tips and tricks for more knowledge, interaction and networking.  

Key features of the Mini Course: 

The mini course, designed specifically for conference attendees, offers bite-sized on-the-go learning, packed with practical tips and strategies to:

  • Stay focused and engaged throughout the sessions

  • Conquer jetlag and maintain high energy levels

  • Master networking techniques to expand your professional connections

  • Develop efficient note-taking habits to capture key takeaways

  • Transform your notes into compelling LinkedIn posts to extend your networking reach

Accessible anytime, anywhere: The mini course can be downloaded offline via the Apple & Android podcast apps, allowing you to access these valuable insights anytime, anywhere. It takes about 90 minutes of your time in total, or you can pick and choose specific modules that align with your interests.

Course outline:

1. Travel & arrival: tips for a smooth journey and relaxed start

2. The shortcuts to planning for productivity

3. Focusing in sessions

4. Lunch break: Staying energized

5. Networking like a Pro

6. Balancing professional events with office work

7. Stress Management techniques

8. Maximizing post-event benefits