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Oxygen Bar

How many times have you experienced an oxygen bar?

And wouldn’t you stop and see what the oxygen bar is doing as you pass by?

The oxygen bar has ‘stopping power’.

Wherever we are, people always want to experience and explore.

An oxygen bar is something special to your event. A nice conversation starter to stimulate networking. 

A fun and unique networking experience

Just want to know...

What does this cost?

As we know you’re very busy and don’t want to hop on more calls or extra inbox fills, we’d like to help you to have a good estimate to see if it is fits your budget after all. 

We’ve included some European meeting destinations to get a reference of the costs.

Oxygen Bar

Event venue in Amsterdam
Event venue in Rotterdam

Oxygen Bar FAQ


The total bar is 2,5 x 0,9 m. 

is it safe to use?

An oxygen bar has mainly a phsychological effect and no real health benefits. It is a nice feature to attract attendees and is very picture friendly. 

The phrase “pure oxygen” should not be interpreted literally. An oxygen bar delivers oxygen with an approximate concentration of 40%, which is considered safe for most individuals, except those with specific health issues like asthma, heart diseases or hypertensions. 

In accordance with the American Lung Association, there is no indication that oxygen at the modest flow rates employed in oxygen bars poses any health risks to the average person.

how about power needs?

The pod requires 1 grounded power plug of 110-230V.

how many bars do you have?

We can offer two 4-person oxygen bars.

Can it be branded?

The bar can be branded.  

Can it be sent globally?

All solutions offered can be shipped to destinations around the world in professional flight cases.

Wondering if this fits your audience?