What is the process for integrating the mini course with the registration portal?

  1. Submission of course content: The mini course content will be delivered to the event organizer by providing a private link.
  2. Course information: We will provide the event organizer with the necessary course details, including the title and a brief description to be added to the registration system portal.
  3. Adding the mini course: The event organizer will then add the mini course as an option within the registration portal. This process is similar to how other event items like workshops or dinners are added.
  4. Purchase and confirmation: When a delegate purchases the mini course during their registration, the registration system will automatically generate a confirmation email. This email will include a pre-submitted text provided by us.
  5. Access to course: Within this confirmation email, there will be a private link provided, giving delegates access to the mini course content.
  6. Listening options: Delegates can choose to listen to the course online or download it for offline listening via standard podcast apps.